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Welcome to Eureka Psychonautics & Psychiatry

We are board certified psychiatric nurse practitioners in Austin, Texas offering medication management and psychotherapy services with a psychedelic-informed approach. Our providers include Megan Banks, FNP, PMHNP and Daniel Liptak, PMHNP.


We emphasize the importance of creating an inviting, non-judgmental space where people feel comfortable sharing their true selves to better discover who they are and where they want to go. Medications often play a part in the management of mental health symptoms, and we balance the importance of medications as tools while fostering a sense of agency and autonomy in our patients. 


A core belief in the care we provide is that clients are the experts in their minds and bodies, and our job is to provide a space to facilitate their mental health journey. A psychedelic informed approach means approaching each patient’s mental health with curiosity and in a way that facilitates self-directed growth, as well as being pharmacologically informed of psychedelic use for future applications pending regulatory approval. In Texas, ketamine is presently the only legal (pharmacological) psychedelic to attain altered states of consciousness and is now being offered via intramuscular injection for patients of Daniel Liptak, PMHNP.


Additionally, we welcome board certified psychiatric practitioner, Megan Banks, and her wealth of clinical experience and expertise at 5838 Balcones Dr. Suite B Austin, TX 78731!

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Locations & Hours

Daniel Liptak, PMHNP

1101 South Capital of Texas Highway

Building A Suite 200

Austin, Texas 78746

(See Contact page for directions)

Megan Banks, PMHNP

5838 Balcones Dr. 

Suite B

Austin, TX 78731

(See Contact page for directions)

Phone: (512) 327-6379

Fax: (512) 329-5522

Phone Hours
(office hours may vary by provider)

Monday - Thursday

  9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. 

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